December 13, 2017

Objects of the Society

National Banner

    • To perpetuate the memory and to foster and promote the principles and the virtues of the Pilgrims.
    • To commemorate publicly, at stated times, principle events in the history of the Pilgrims and to erect durable memorials of historic men, women and events.
    • To encourage the study and research of Pilgrim history, especially as related to the foundation of civil government and the principles of religious freedom.
  • To foster and establish such departments of study and organization as shall seem best to promote social rights, civic virtue, industrial freedom, political equality, the supremacy of just laws, the value and sacredness of the ballot, the purity of the home, temperate and Godly living, and the dependence of individuals, communities, states and nations on the guidance of Almighty God, as taught by the Pilgrims.