December 12th, 2017

National Projects

Our Benefaction Committee recommends 501(c)(3) entities to receive support from the National Society. The Committee will recommend an entity each year for a four year term of support. Their recommendation should include which particular project (if applicable) is being supported and how the project or entity relates to the stated objectives of the National Society. The recommendation shall require the affirmative concurrence of the General Court through a majority vote. In the case a recommendation fails to receive the concurrence of the General Court, then there will be no charity added for that year’s rotation. There will be no more than four entities supported at one time.

This is the first year of the Benefaction Committee and they are currently assessing the 501(c)(3) entities. If you have any suggestions on charities that meet our Society’s objectives, please contact the chairman, Sally Wood Hlavay at

April 2016 will be the first monetary awards approved by our membership at our General Court meeting. As charities are approved, we will post them on the website.